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How to Enable Opera Turbo. Opera browser can boost your browsing speed with its Turbo mode. This feature increases the runtime priority of the application. Opera Turbo usually activates as soon as the connection quality falls below a certain point. In this case, the browser goes to saving mode as. If you use Turbo mode in Opera browser on slower connections, you'll notice the button has been removed from the menu, FYI, the Opera. Introduction to Opera Turbo Mode Opera Turbo Mode is a new feature in Opera 10 Browser that allows a page to load much faster by. Or, if you're on your laptop, turn on turbo mode to speed up slow connections at the new content and speed up slow connections with our fast mobile browser. Opera Turbo is a feature in the Opera web browser that attempts to speed up your access to the internet and reduce data usage by. Personally I think Opera is one browser that does not gets its fair share of attention in the tech review community as it should. Especially when it. How to find and enable Opera Turbo in Opera 46 settings. Some people loved to use it to change IP address (not working anymore on desktop browser, But here is how to enable the Turbo mode and continue using it in.

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