Branched dna assay video

A molecular probe technique that utilizes branched DNA (bDNA) as a means to amplify the hybridization signal. One end of the bDNA molecule is designed to. QuantiGene RNA assays are hybridization-based assays that utilize a branched DNA technology for Video: QuantiGene Singleplex Assay – How It Works. Electrochemical Branched-DNA Assay for Polymerase Chain Reaction-Free Detection and Quantification of Oncogenes in Messenger RNA. In biology, a branched DNA assay is a signal amplification assay that is used to detect nucleic acid molecules. Contents. 1 Method; 2 Uses and Advantages. Introduction. The branched DNA (bDNA) assay provides a unique and powerful tool for reliable quantification of nucleic acid molecules. Fundamentally different. Of these, only the branched DNA (bDNA) assays are FDA-approved for HIV-1 and HCV viral load testing. This signal amplification technology is built on a series.

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