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With all the hype Boyz N Bucks have created for their latest single, Mswenkofontein, they had to deliver something big and unfortunately, they. BOYZNBUCKS is bringing the streets into your headphones with their first official release MSWENKOfontein, better known to fans as vmswenko. Okmalumkoolkat: Umswenko is a lifestyle that we, the youth of South Boyzn Bucks came together through a similar appreciation of fashion. Boyzn Bucks. Song Year: I'm rolling with boyz n bafana(bafana) we be keeping it fresh in it shay istyla sya ngempela, shay umswenko wa ngempela. 5tens does a playful freestyle of the Boyz N Bucks Umswenko. Mixtape coming soon: Back To City. Twitter: @5tensRap @strAightMARVIN. Johannesburg street culture connoisseurs and childhood friends Boyzn Bucks have collectively been behind a slew of our favorite releases this. Boyzn Bucks members Okmalumkoolkat, Stilo Magolide and "Umswenko is a lifestyle that we, the youth of South Africa are all about,". Smart mampara Ngiphet' uStilo, uSanele Siyenza umswenko aka future mfana ishuuu.

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