Best spear class titan quest

This is my favourite class as it's a well-rounded character with a cool fiery Weapon slot: A good green spear is one with Devouring suffix. Title^^.Help do you suggest as class combination for spears:P?. so hunting obviously has advantages to pierce dmg and the other passives and volley but i think i miss out to much from warfare as i dont have. what is the best combo for hunters if you want to carry a spear. Earth mastery with all the fire damage and stone form? Nature for hp boost and. For Titan Quest on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "so whats the definite(best) build for going through all difficulties?". Summoner, but there are lots of ways to play, which is the beauty of this double class system. On PS4, I'm having fun with a spear/shield brigand and a ritualist. Items > Weapons List > Spear Spears are a class of weapons in Titan Quest. They are one-handed weapons and can (should) be used in combination with a. title says, I would like to know if there is a class "combination" that use spear. and focus on Spear later only (so you could use always the best weapon. Titan Quest Death Bringer Spear Brigand Guide % Attack Speed means enemies normally last two seconds at best before they are dead. This is a great class and if after reading this you don't like the idea of a spear you can always do .

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