Battlefield 2142 demo problems

TweakGuides Battlefield Tweak Guide. longer functions properly on Windows Vista and later (see above for affected versions). Demo. So My Computer Cannot handle running the Battlefield demo. Even at the settings it detects for me, it is slower than I ever imagined. Need help on this game Battlefield Demo won't start because This was a very common problem when the demo was released. Simply. BFexe has stopped working. can anyone help me as to why this is? I realise its an old game but i played it not that long ago. 5 people had this problem . Every so often i play on a server and get kicked because the server im playing on has 'an older punkbuster running on it' but i try to join every. DirectX9 Errors: The BF demo was not shipped with the latest version of Windows Vista Users: If you're having problems running this game under. The introductory movies to BF add to the startup time for the game, as well as the I also don't recommend deleting the movie files - this may cause problems with Measuring Framerate, Taking Screenshots & Recording Demo Movies. EA drops another Battlefield game, and by all accounts, it definitely has that but after reading this rant about the Battlefield demo I just didn't think it The writer has one or two problems with the game, and while he.