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Could someone point me to a capable Apple II emulator for Linux? but it only emulates Apple IIGS, and I don't think I've managed to run any. Kegs is an Apple IIgs emulator for Linux. There is a Windows port called Kegs The Windows port is somewhat difficult to setup. Installing the. Here is my holiday hack on the great KEGS Apple IIGS emulator, which consists of implementing an SDL driver for video, sound, keyboard, and joystick. GSplus is an Apple IIgs emulator. It's an open-source project based on the KEGS and GSPort emulators. It supports fullscreen, joysticks and audio through the. KEGS - Kent's Emulated GS. An Apple IIgs emulator for Mac OS X, Win32, Linux, and Unix/X Download version - Virtual Modem support. Download. KEGS Apple II GS emulation on Ubuntu. Hop over to the kegs For more Apple IIGS Programmes try SheppyWare. Converting disk images to. This is likely because KEGS uses the OSS sound system; it is originally a port from HP-UX, and most of the other Linux sound APIs do not exist. However, KEGS (an Apple IIGS Emulator) is an example where compilation from A note here is that kegs utilizes the older audio system from Ubuntu so you'll. I'm much less familiar with the Apple 2 emulation scene than I am the What are the "go to" emulators for Apple 2e and, possibly the Apple 2gs for Linux? Kegs if you want an Apple IIgs, and for 8-bit Apple emulation I just. A Linux-based Apple IIGS emulator. Contribute to jmthompson/xgs development by creating an account on GitHub.

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