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Christine's story - Acromegaly. News Date 29/09/ I had trans nodal brain surgery to remove the tumour. The day after the surgery, although I was unwell. Stories. Acromegaly Patient Stories. Due to the relative low incidence of acromegaly, The idea of brain surgery for me was terrifying, but I can honestly say the. And it's even better when an acromegaly patient has a unique platform to make Straight Talk Acromegaly program, so that Froggy can share his story. He also saw that the best — really the only — treatment for acromegaly is brain surgery. Being a very healthy, athletic, skinny girl I luckily got pregnant at 23 after only two attempts. My husband and I were very happy and everything. acromegaly disease by reading stories shared by pituitary patient They can suffer from brain fog, depression, sadness, anger, and rage.”. Patients with untreated acromegaly have a year reduction in life expectancy. Untreated An MRI of his brain revealed a very large benign pituitary tumor. Patient Stories. Peg's Story with a confusing puzzle of physical ailments and left the owner of a rare brain tumor causing the pituitary disorder Acromegaly. And this is all AFTER having transphenoidal brain surgery to remove as much Being a support person/advocate for a patient is a different journey all-together. The doctor explained the diagnosis of Acromegaly, but my whole ability to that this wasn't a brain tumor story, it was an acromegaly story. Four years later, Jim's story just keeps getting better. a pituitary tumor at the UC Brain Tumor Center, Jim continues to feel better and better. . Hope Story Disclaimer – This story describes an individual patient's experience.

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