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Those that have been following our series of BC.Game articles have likely gotten familiar with most aspects of this crypto casino that we have rated as the industry’s premium offering. Honestly, we decided to write these analyses due to the success, the incoming traffic a similar batch regarding Stake.com generated. You may remember those. We ran them around a year ago, examining various facets of the Stake and BetFury platforms. Hence, we thought we would do the same with BC.Game, on account that we have improved its position in our Best Bitcoin Casino standings in the last few months.

Since we have nearly exhausted the number of possible BC.Game topics, this site’s payment selection is one of the few things we have not yet covered. So, we are doing that here.

At writing, the site was testing a fiat currency transfer system. BC.Game’s management informed us that it should be ready to launch sometime in mid to late June.

BC.Game’s Payment Options

From what we could count, the BC.Game wallet tab provides forty-nine cryptocurrencies for BC.Game deposits and withdrawals, not counting the in-house cryptos. We list them all below using their respective codes:


We tried to feature this list using bullet points, but it took too much space and looked visually odd on our site.

There are no deposit limits on this casino/sportsbook, minimum and maximum, and BC.Game as no upper withdrawal maximum also.

Of course, withdrawal minimums do exist here, and here they are with their associated fees:

100100 TRTL (fee of 100 RTTL), 0.000757 BTC (fee of 0.000057 BTC), 1000 SATS, 0.014 ETH (fee of 0.002 ETH), 22.25 XRP (fee of 0.25 XRP), 108.139694 USDT (fee of 8.139694 USDT), 0.101 BNB (fee of 0.001 BNB), 100 DOGE (fee of 5 DOGE), 236 TRX (fee of 1 TRX), 0.133 LTC (fee of 0.01 LTC), 1.8607 LINK (fee of 0.8607 LINK), 2.05 DOT (fee of 0.05 DOT), 50 XLM (fee of 0.0001 XLM), 26.385 USDC (fee of 6.385383 USDC), 0.043 BCH (fee of 0.001 BCH), 5.8 EOS (fee of 0.1 EOS), 27.54 DAI (fee of 7.548901 DAI), 0.217958 AAVE (fee of 0.179158 AAVE), 0.001264 YFI (fee of 0.000664 YFI), 1.933134 UNI (fee of 0.933134 UNI), 23.99397 AMPL (fee of 9.99397 AMPL), 19972.8555524 PAR (fee of 9972.855524 PAR), 1.5 MATIC (fee of 0.5 MATIC), 2346760.723912 SHIB (fee of 346760.723912 SHIB), 508.901044 FLOOR (fee of 308.901044 FLOOR), 250000 FLOKI (fee of 190000 FLOKI), 2200 DOG (fee of 2000 DOG), 4205000 NFT (fee of 205000 NFT), 44.274313 SUNNEW (fee of 41.274313 SUNNEW), 8.434478 SAND (fee of 3.434478 SAND), 1405.221427 AMP (fee of 1305.221427 AMP), 23.197864 SQUID (fee of 13.197864 SQUID), 13.365673 GODS (fee of 8.365673 GODS), 200000000 KUMA (fee of 150000000 KUMA), 132337023.396226 ELON (fee of 12337023.396226 ELON), 120000 GM (fee of 100000 GM), 17.818634 BIT (fee of 7.818634 BIT), 0.003248 SOL (fee of 0.002248 SOL), 5.09115 YGG (fee of 4.59115 YGG), 67.118872 HEX (fee of 57.118872 HEX), 1200 PEOPLE (fee of 200 PEOPLE), 21 BUSD (fee of 1 BUSD), 0.504121 AXS (fee of 0.204121 AXS), 21 ZIL (fee of 1 ZIL), 5.5 ADA (fee of 0.5 ADA), 3.978491 WCK (fee of 1.978491 WCK), 11 BANANO (fee of 1 BANANO), 0.021 DASH (fee of 0.001 DASH).

Note that we could not check the Dead withdrawal limit/fee because the site reported a service error when we tried to do so. We contacted the support staff about this issue. The person we spoke to told us that he does not know it, particularly off the top of his head. So, it remained a mystery, and sadly we cannot report it.

The best way to find what you are looking for from this wall of text is to use the search function in your browser and input the code of the coin whose withdrawal limit or fee you want to learn.

Note that by the time you are reading this article, BC.Game may have changed these, as crypto operators tend to move these numbers up and down, primarily lowering these limits.

Various cryptos let you use different networks for deposits and withdrawals here. For example, you can place Ether in your balance through the Ethereum, BEP20, Polygon, or Cronos networks.

The BC Swap

The BC Swap is BC.Game’s on-site cryptocurrency exchange tool. You can find it in the BC.Game cashier tab, next to the withdrawal option. It lets you instantly convert coins without leaving this platform or waiting for a review. The tool informs you of the estimated swap time, the approximate converted amount, and the fee this transfer will incur.

The BC Swap allows BC.Game users to have over thirty coin pairs to choose from, and each one features a specific minimum exchange amount. We will not list them all. Instead, we will only state that, for most users, this figure is fairly accommodating.

KYC at BC.Game

Virtually every online gambler loathes KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures, as they create various unnecessary hassles for everyone, complicating the online gaming experience. Many believe that the process involves micro-violations of privacy, which is a reason extra that they hate them.

For those few people reading this that do not know what KYC is, it is the first phase of client due diligence in the anti-money-laundering process that a gambling operator must put a customer through. The length and scope of this procedure can vary depending on a casino’s licensor and its internal guidelines.

At BC.Game, this site states that it has the right to carry out Know Your Customer verification procedures as it sees fit and that it may block or close accounts of members it deems that have supplied false or misleading information. Moreover, if BC.Game’s staff suspects that someone is using deposits & withdrawals as an attempt to Swap coins, then they reserve the right to withhold withdrawals until that user completes a KYC procedure.

The cool thing about BC.Game is that if you follow the terms and conditions of this gambling website, you will not get asked to go through any KYC process here. If you do receive such a request, it will entail you providing the standard documentation that provides proof of identity, address, and maybe funds. These include a photo of your Govt, approved ID card, driver’s license, and passport.

BC.Game’s Coin Accuracy Limit Per Coin

Because of the limitations that data storage incurs in terms of up-to-date accuracy, they may be some cryptocurrency discrepancies at BC.Game. Likely, 99% of the time, the accuracy of most coins here will be consistent with their respective blockchain, nonetheless, BC.Game must take reassurances that this will not always be so. Therefore, the minimum data storage accuracy of each coin here is as follows:

– BTC – 0.00000001, BCD – 0.000001, SATS – 1, ETH – 0.000000001, XRP – 0.000000001, USDT – 0.000001, BNB – 0.000000001, DOGE – 0.000000001, TRX- 0.000001, LTC – 0.00000001, LINK – 0.000000001, DOT – 0.000000001, XLM – 0.000000001, USDC – 0.000001, BCH – 0.00000001, EOS – 0.000000001, DAI – 0.000000001, AAVE – 0.000000001, YFI – 0.000000001, UNI – 0.000000001, AMPL – 0.000000001, PAR – 0.000000001, MATIC – 0.000000001, VET – 0.000000001, IOTX – 0.000000001, SHIB – 1, RVN – 0.00000001, NEAR – 0.000000001, FLOOR – 0.000000001, WAVES – 0.00000001, FLOKI – 0.000000001, DOG – 0.000000001, NFT – 0.000001, SUNNEW – 0.000000001, SAND – 0.000000001, AMP – 0.000000001, SQUID – 0.00000001, BCL – 0.000001, BRL – 0.0001, AVAX – 0.000000001, BCT -0.000000001, DCR – 0.00000001, TUSD – 0.000000001, EGLD – 0.000000001, FTM – 0.000000001, ONE -0.000000001, NEWBTT – 1, TRTL – 0.000000001, GODS – 0.000000001, KUMA – 1, LUNA – 0.000001, ELON – 0.01, GM – 0.000000001, INR – 0.0001, BIT – 0.000000001, VTHO – 0.000000001, GALA -0.00000001, SOL – 0.000000001, ETC – 0.000000001, APE – 0.000000001, UST – 0.000001, YGG – 0.000000001, CELO -0.000000001, HEX – 0.00000001, PEOPLE – 0.000000001, TOMO – 0.000000001, BUSD – 0.000000001, DEAD – 0.000000001, AXS – 0.000000001, ZIL – 0.000000001, ADA – 0.000000001, WCK – 0.000000001, BANANO – 0.000000001, XMR – 0.000000001, BSV – 0.00000001, KSM – 0.000000001, CRO – 0.00000001, SUSHI – 0.000000001, WBTC – 0.00000001, SNX – 0.000000001, DASH – 0.00000001, MANA – 0.000000001, BAT – 0.000000001, ENJ – 0.000000001, CRV – 0.000000001, JST – 0.000000001, SUNOLD – 0.000000001, BTTOLD – 0.000001, CAKE – 0.000000001, TWT – 0.000000001, VNDC – 1, VSYS – 0.000000001, EURS – 0.000001, AVC – 0.00000001, NBX – 0.000000001, JB – 0.000000001.

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