A Look at the BC.Game VIP Program

BC.Game VIP Program

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Last updated: 01/04/2022

BC.Game VIP Program

When we first investigated BC.Game back in mid-2020, we stated that this site had potential. However, we did not believe that it would jump to the number one position on our top-platform list only a year and a half later. That BTCGOSU would rank it as the best Bitcoin casino on the internet. Yet, here we are.

Undoubtedly, this well-designed platform offers a degree of variety that most competitors cannot come close to matching. It took a while for it to get its bearing. But, now it dominates our list thanks to an astoundingly expansive catalog of games, its vast community of well-meaning players, multiple accepted cryptos, and its generous loyalty scheme.

In this article, we hope to elaborate, to the best of our abilities, how the BC.Game VIP program works. It is what we consider one of the defining aspects of this crypto gambling site. A top cause why you should frequently play here.

How the BC.Game Loyalty Scheme Works

BC.Game has put its exclusive player benefits program in place to show gratitude and appreciation to those who frequently spend their hard-earned coins here.

The scheme works in such a way that players attain experience points labeled as XPs for every $1 bet. Depending on how many points you gather, you rise to the appropriate level on the VIP ladder here. The official BC.Game VIP level system has five status cards. These are:

Diamond (SVIP)

BC.Game VIP Levels

Each of these card levels has a specific number of sub-tiers. For example, the Bronze one has seven, while the Silver card VIPs have fourteen tiers they must advance through before moving to Gold card status membership. In total, there are 69 VIP tiers and 33 SVIP ones. To reach the last one, you must accumulate 212 million points. Or, in other words, bet this amount in dollars.

Every time you level up in this scheme, you get a corresponding JB bonus. These increase as your levels do and can lead to deduced withdrawal fees, Rakeback boosts, and free-gaming fun.

Aside from the mentioned VIP level-up bonuses, there are also fourteen secret treasure chests available at various points on the BC.Game VIP ladder. The first one becomes accessible at tier four in the Bronze card level. The higher the card status you reach, the more secret treasure chest will live in one of its tiers. These provide exceptional rewards.

The Benefits That Lie in the BC.Game VIP System

Modestly loyal BC.Game gamblers (tier three to fourteen) can enjoy the following perks. Daily roll competitions, tip functionality, a private messaging service, random chat rain every six hours, coin drops, the where is COCO promo, up to 20% Rakeback on every bet made, and an hourly Rakeback boost of 5%.

From tier twenty-two onwards, no-fee withdrawals get activated, and you can claim a cashback balance boost every ten minutes.

If all that sounds mouthwateringly enticing, you have not seen anything yet. When you hit tier thirty-eight (Platinum), a set of new perks become available. First off, you will get a VIP host that will send you a sweet Platinum card welcome gift. You can get in touch with this representative when you have a problem with your use of BC.Game, and this host should supply a quick resolution to your issue.

Know that from the thirty-eight tier on, the level-up bonuses become more generous, and you also get treated to weekly and monthly promos. There is even a secret promotion that shall remain a surprise. We would not dare spoil it for those who choose to bet loads here.

SVIP (Special VIPs) are players who have wagered over 9,217,000 on this site. If you manage to accomplish this feat, you will get invited to exciting all-expenses-paid trips to various entertainment-packed locations. At these destinations, you will get accommodated in elegant, luxurious rooms. There, you will enjoy some celebrity treatment.

SVIP members also will get chosen at random to attend SVIP annual party events. These are gala-like shindigs with red carpet walks, champagne, fine dining, and more. Furthermore, SVIPs get exclusive on-site services unavailable for common BC.Game VIPs, sub-seventy-tier ones.

Every super-loyal player here must check with a VIP host regarding the conditions packaged with each perk in the BC.Game VIP scheme.

BC.Game VIP Program

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